Monday, March 25, 2013

The life and times of a Madwoman....

Hello Dearies,

So, so busy! Easter is Sunday and I haven't gotten basket stuffers. Thursday is Froggie's birthday. Easter is also Tattoo's birthday. Mace and I's anniversary is the 7th. Llama's baby shower is the 14th. May is full of birthdays and June is the wedding!

Speaking of the wedding....candle making sucks ass! Just saying. I think I'm going to give up and buy the damn candles. I'm starting to stock up on the bowls and platters for the food.

Today I got a brand new toy. I ordered a mini whoopie pie pan. The little cakes it makes are just too cute! I have a bunch I need to ice tomorrow.

I've been getting back into crocheting. Yesterday I taught myself a new pattern. I'm pretty proud of it. I totally suck at reading patterns.

Mace and I had a little set back on a very important plan for the wedding. We'll hopefully get good news on that front next week.

Work has been pretty good. I was just over an hour short of overtime this past week. That'll be nice right before the baby shower. Even the Ass has been nice lately.

Midget got B Honor Roll! I'm so proud of her. I know school is really hard for her sometimes. She had a "Spring" program the other night. She did a really good job!

Bird has an IEP meeting coming up. The teachers never have anything bad to say about him. 

Mace and I are going to go get our Doctor Who on. Here's a parting picture of me getting my geek on....

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