Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just for shits and grins....

Hello Dearies....

Ok, so I know it's been like 2 weeks since I've blogged. Real life tends to get in the way of my fun time life. Stupid real life.

Today wasn't so bad. Work went pretty fast. The only stain on the day was working with the Evil Hobbit. Hobbit is a new girl at work. I've always hated pushy people, and she is one of the worst I've met. The little bitch tried to dismiss me. Me, of all people.Silly little Hobbit, she'll learn her place, and it's not above Madwoman.

Yesterday Chief spent most of the day trying to fix my laptop. Trying, being the keyword here. Two days ago Squealer and the Boy both knocked the poor thing down, and it had enough. As soon as I get paid, I'm going to check into putting one on lay-away. For now, I'm sneaking time in on Chief's computer.  

Midget is grounded, again. I got her up to get ready for school yesterday. About 10 minutes before the bus was supposed to get here, I went to move her along. She was sitting on her bed with her shoes on needing them tied. I noticed there was something odd about the left shoe. 

My darling angel had tied her shoes to the bed the day before, and instead of asking me to untie them, she cut the damn laces! Her brand new shoes that she had worn twice. The bus was early so we didn't have time to find her old ones. She went to school with them the way they were. Yesterday she was told to sit on my bed until I got home. Why she left her shoes on the floor I'll never know, but the Terrorist chewed the heel to one. I swear that kid is trying to kill me. She's trying to see if she can get my head to just explode.

Most of the past week or so was pretty boring. I went to work, I came home. That's about it. 

The Wicked witch had Bump (the kids' uncle) e-mail me wanting to take all 3 of the crotch fruit swimming. (teehee) I told him no. 

That woman has ignored the fact that she has 3 grand kids since  
Christmas eve. Deadbeat moved back in with her a while back too. I don't want my crotch fruit anywhere need that man.

Bump told me Deadbeat turned himself into the nut house....again. The only reason he went back in this time is because I finally got 2 small child support payments out of him. It only took 8 months to get it. I will never understand that man. I look at my youngest fruit, and I wonder....what's so wrong with them that their own father won't have anything to do with them. I know the answer. There's not a damn thing wrong with my kids, he's just a piece of shit.

My posts are going to be few and far between until I replace my laptop. (sigh) Hopefully, I can get something done in the next few months.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I make minimum wage....

Evening Dearies....

I can hold my head high and proudly admit that "I, Madwoman make minimum wage" Damn right I'm proud of it. I work my ass off and barely drag myself up the steps in the evening, but damn it I have a job!

What caused this admission? I was on Facebook and followed the link of a blogger I follow. Her blog is one I really enjoy. This woman has a great handle on life and raising her kids. After reading her blog I wanted to read the comments before I posted one myself. There was one comment that made me see red!

"But... they only make minimum wage Amy, you can't expect them to THINK about what they do at their job!"

Really? I'm not expected to think? Screw you! I may work at Burger Hell, but damn it I have a job. I proudly put on that shirt that smells like nasty greasy ass and I walk my happy ass to work every morning. I put on that visor from hell that makes my hair flatten and stick to my head and I stand at that counter and happily say "Welcome to Burger King, may I help you?" Other days I run myself to death making sure people can stuff their faces with nasty greasy,
"oh so bad for you" crap we call food. I make sure your food is hot and fresh. And I damn sure take care to give you food that won't have you puking your guts up from food poisoning.

I can and do think you stuck up bitch. I think about how to control my temper when you're asking me 20 questions and bitching about it taking 2 seconds to get your burger. I think about how I can make YOU happy. I think about how the only fucking reason I don't jump over the counter some days and strangle you, is because I have to feed my kids. I'm not stupid by any means. In fact my IQ is higher then most average people. And I have common sense. Something I don't think you have. You can't have common sense if you're insulting the people that prepare your food.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My poor aching bank account....

Hello Dearies....

Well I'm back to work after 2 days off. (sigh) What a busy 2 days it was too.

Chief had a Dr's appointment Thursday. Doctor said there wasn't an infection. (yay)  Doctor also told Chief he needed to stop smoking. (grumbles) Chief not smoking means a cranky Chief and a Madwoman not smoking. (grumbles again) A Madwoman not smoking might mean the end of the world as we know it. I know, I know, it's so much better for us. We've tried not smoking in the past. I blew that one. Chief smelled me smoking in the laundry room and we both started back up at full swing. Working with smokers is going to suck ass, but for Chief's health I'd do damn near anything.

The crotch blossoms have been fighting for damn near a week. By the time MiL got here Thursday morning I was begging to go back to work.

Midget hadn't washed her hair the night before, so I put her in the shower and did it myself. I sent her into her room to get dressed again. I went in there and saw a wet spot on the floor. My darling angel had walked past the toilet to go to her room and pee on the damn floor! (Mean ole mom made her clean it up)

So we get to Washington and MiL takes me and the spawn to Payless. I almost peed myself when I heard the total. I guess it wasn't so bad, I did get all 4 of us shoes....but damn!

Friday was time for me and the spawn to buy school supplies. It's a good thing I had the Boy with me. I DO NOT do well in crowds. The Boy helped control the blossoms.

While loading the truck with another heart stopping shopping trip, I get into a fight with a nosey old man. He's parked in the middle of the road yelling at me over how we're parked. Most days it would have been fine, but that day it wasn't. I had just spent $100 on school supplies in an over-crowded store full of idiots. My nerves were totally shot. I turned to him and told him (very nasty) that I was the passenger and to mind his own damn business. The Boy went to work today and told Bosslady I hit the old man. He's such a little shit!

Squealer had a band thing Friday night. While getting ready to go, I forgot that Bird can't read into sarcasm. I was teasing him and told him "No shit Sherlock". Bird looks me in the eye and says...."Mommy I not Sherlock. Don't call me Sherlock" I lost it. I was laughing so hard I almost ruined my make-up.  I can just see him going to school and calling the teachers Sherlock.

I'm very proud of the little crotch blossoms tonight. They washed, dried and put away all the dishes. That's a big relief to me. The dishes were starting to pile up because I've been so busy and tired.

I'm waiting for the next disaster to happen. I just sent Bird in to take a shower....without my help!