Sunday, August 5, 2012

I make minimum wage....

Evening Dearies....

I can hold my head high and proudly admit that "I, Madwoman make minimum wage" Damn right I'm proud of it. I work my ass off and barely drag myself up the steps in the evening, but damn it I have a job!

What caused this admission? I was on Facebook and followed the link of a blogger I follow. Her blog is one I really enjoy. This woman has a great handle on life and raising her kids. After reading her blog I wanted to read the comments before I posted one myself. There was one comment that made me see red!

"But... they only make minimum wage Amy, you can't expect them to THINK about what they do at their job!"

Really? I'm not expected to think? Screw you! I may work at Burger Hell, but damn it I have a job. I proudly put on that shirt that smells like nasty greasy ass and I walk my happy ass to work every morning. I put on that visor from hell that makes my hair flatten and stick to my head and I stand at that counter and happily say "Welcome to Burger King, may I help you?" Other days I run myself to death making sure people can stuff their faces with nasty greasy,
"oh so bad for you" crap we call food. I make sure your food is hot and fresh. And I damn sure take care to give you food that won't have you puking your guts up from food poisoning.

I can and do think you stuck up bitch. I think about how to control my temper when you're asking me 20 questions and bitching about it taking 2 seconds to get your burger. I think about how I can make YOU happy. I think about how the only fucking reason I don't jump over the counter some days and strangle you, is because I have to feed my kids. I'm not stupid by any means. In fact my IQ is higher then most average people. And I have common sense. Something I don't think you have. You can't have common sense if you're insulting the people that prepare your food.


  1. Hey there! First off, thanks for coming by my blog and for commenting there - I really appreciate it. I suck at following up on blogs so I'm really glad that I clicked around and found yours, and I appreciate what you said about me. It means a lot, especially with the grief that I've been given over the past few days or so.

    I am sorry that you were offended by the comment that was left on that post though. I don't censor the comments, unless they reveal personal information (like last names and stuff like that) so I left it there when it was posted.

    Minimum wage or not, a job is a job. You are doing honest hard work, and while it may not be glamorous or high-paying, it's honest work. I respect you for that and there is absolutely no shame in it, regardless of what anyone else might think or say.

    Anyway, I will be back to stalk, er.... read more - hopefully after I get some sleep!

    Take care!

    1. I hope you got some sleep dearie. I know what it's like to go without.