Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy birthday to me....

Hello Dearies....

Today was my 22nd birthday (again). I had a pretty good day, even if it started out rough.

Chief and I had plans to go to Washington with MiL. He had a doctor's appointment and I wanted to poke my nose into the Walmart there.

Plans have a way of getting messed up. 

I had barely opened my eyes when I heard Bird in the bathroom throwing up. Chief just looked and me and said Happy Birthday! What a way to start my day.

Bird and I made a deal that we were going to get him out of pull up's. To do that (tmi here) I have to give him up to 6 months of diarrhea. Sounds fun doesn't it? It's a big long nasty story. But he's at the age where I'm not comfortable helping him clean up for a bath. I bought him new big boy underwear, and I'm hoping we can get this finished by the start of school.

I had given him a laxative last night. Again a nasty story we won't get into, but yes this was all my fault.  

So I got Bird cleaned up and in the tub, called MiL and cancelled our shopping/doctor trip.

I sat down and got adsorbed into Minecrack. I've been having a lot of fun playing. The Boy and Chatty came over and said they wanted to take me to lunch. I love spending time with my kids so I was happy to go.

Flash forward to noon when I was supposed to be ready to go to lunch. I had just gotten off of Minecrack and was in the tub when the kids got here. 

They wanted to take me to El Jimador's. The people that run El Jimmies are really cool, but I should have known the kids were up to something....


That's right, I got pied in the face! Damn kids.

After a quick trip to the Smoke Shop I headed home to get my fix of Minecrack again. (see a trend to my day here?)

MiL called and picked me up for a trip to Walmart to get stuff for cake and dinner. Did I mention she bought me the coolest wallet ever?

 Back home and back to Minecrack.

Chief and I made dinner together and the cake. It's nice spending time with him. We don't get near enough alone time. 

So now dinner and cake have been eaten, I've been sung to, and I got another fix of Minecrack. It's time to clean the clothes off of my bed and go to sleep. 4 am comes VERY early!

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