Friday, October 12, 2012

The best present ever....

Good morning Dearies....

Today is the day! On this day 18 years ago I given my best friend. I was given the Boy. It kills me to think my baby is now a man.

It seems like yesterday there was an annoying little shit following me asking questions. "What's that mommy? What does that do mommy? Why is he doing that mommy".... on and on that kid asked questions. He wanted to know everything about everything!

I know I screwed up over and over raising the Boy. I did my best. I was a very young mom (kid) trying to raise a child on my own. Yes Deadbeat was there and later Fatass was there. But being there is not the same as trying to raise this crazy little crotch fruit. 

With the "men" in his life being total assholes, and a mother who never had a real mother for a role model, this kid turned out great. Better then great....he is amazing! The Boy is such a gentleman. He has a girlfriend now. Chatty isn't sure what to do with him. He opens and holds doors for her, he insists on paying when they go out, he says please and thank you, Yes Ma'am, no Ma'am....the list goes on and on. 

No matter how many times I screwed up the Boy still loved me. When I was having problems and going off for no apparent reason, all the times I screamed and yelled, all the times I dropped the ball, the Boy still loved me. I leaned on the Boy for many things. He helped me raise Bird and Midget. He was more of a father to them then the men in their lives.

I've tried to be the mom and dad. I always go overboard. I try to make up for all the things he missed out on growing up. I know I failed many times. The kid should hate me. (I would) 

But through it all he is my best friend, he is my baby boy....

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