Friday, October 12, 2012

Update on the birthday party....

Good evening Dearies....

If you read my last blog then you know (if not quick run back and read it here) that today was the Boy's 18th birthday. I just got back from his party and ate dinner (nomnomnom) with the crotch fruit.

I had a problem with the party planning. Where to have it? The Hut is too small for any kind of party. The Parental figures and MiL both would have let me have it at their respective houses. But there was a problem there. The Parental figures can't get up MiL's driveway. MiL can't get down the steps at the Parental figures' house. And none of them can get up the steps to the Hut. So....what to do? I talked to Bosslady and she said it was ok for me to have the party at Burger Hell in the conference room. Sweet! So that's what I did.

I've been planning this party for weeks. Honestly it's been months. You only turn 18 once so I had to do this big. Not big as in bunches of people. But still big. For his cakes (yes cakes there were 3) I made 2 ice cream cakes and a candy bar cake.

For his gift from us, I blew up 100 water balloons (no water) and rolled up a dollar bill and shoved it in each balloon. I had Squealer help me carry the box in. We made a big show on how heavy it was. I wouldn't let him touch it until it was time to open presents. MiL bought him 3 awesome shirts this morning. All 3 I had the boy pick out yesterday. (No he didn't know why he was looking at shirts) 

The look on his face when he opened that box was priceless! I snapped a bunch of pictures but, Chief has my camera right now.

While we were eating cake, his biggest present arrived. I had called 2 of his best friends that he hasn't seen in 3 years and had them come out. I almost cried over the look on his face when he saw them! Even I had missed these 2. LeLe has been mine since they were in 3rd grade. Richboy, LeLe and the Boy were inseparable in school. 

Squealer had to march at the Homecoming  game tonight. MiL took Chief to see the game. I wish I could have gone. 

Chief left and forgot he had all my stuff in his pockets. I was left at Burger Hell with no wallet, no cigarettes, and no keys to get back in the Hut!

After all the adults left, we decided to get the money out of the balloons. The Boy and I stepped in the box and popped a few. Then the Boy thought sitting in the box was a good idea. Well, until he had Richboy push him around the room. Most of the balloons popped when the side of the box split. While the 3 friends caught up some more, Chatty and I unrolled the money.

Thank goodness for Chatty or the crotch fruit and I would still be sitting at Burger Hell. Chatty and the Boy took my phone and went and got the keys from Chief. 

When they got back, I hugged the Boy and asked if he had a good time. He told me it was the best birthday ever. Awwwwww

So now the crotch fruit and I are home. Dinner has been eaten and they are playing in their rooms. 

Chief just walked in from the game. I'm going to go fix him some dinner and demand nuggles!

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