Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some things you just shouldn't do....

Happy Halloween Dearies!

I just got the crotchfruitians in bed. What a long day/night! We spent 2 hours between trick or treating and stopping at Burger Hell for ice cream. 

Chatty had sent me a picture earlier of a coworker dressed as Cleopatra, so I had to stop in a see him. I snapped pictures of everyone up there while the kids ate ice cream.

I spent all day in the kitchen making cookies for Midget's "Fall" party. I think I'm going to give up and make cupcakes. I'm still not even half way done and I only have til Friday....sigh

It's my own fault. I do this to myself every time. It has to do with my  obsessive compulsive disorder. If 1 is good, then of course 4 would be better. Thank goodness for Chief . He always supports me no matter what kind of mess I make.

All of this while cute and sappy has nothing to do with my blog title....

The Crotchfruitians and I went out tonight for trick or treating, so of course we stopped by to see the Parental Figures. I had texted the Boy to see if he has a long sleeved shirt for Midget. She was freezing because she can't listen to me and wore a short sleeved shirt under her costume.

The Boy handed me a shirt and I took Midget into the bathroom to get it on her. Bird went in the living room to show his grandma his costume. He was Ghostrider tonight and soooo proud of his costume.

Now we're getting into the part that has to deal with the blog title....

There are some things you just don't do....

I have never told my children they are anything but perfect. I never call them stupid. I never tell Bird he is too skinny. I never tell Midget she's gaining weight. (which she is). I never tell them they are anything but beautiful and amazing. (they are)

While in the bathroom I hear my mother tell Bird "You're ugly". Poor Midget, I was stooped down in her face when I yelled "Mom"

How fucking dare you tell my child he's ugly? He's not! He's beautiful and he's perfect and he's MINE! I was so pissed! About 10 years ago I would have walked in there and knocked her on her ass.

Growing up I was told I was stupid. I was fat. (I was and still am) Now I'm told I'm fat. My teeth are nasty. I'm lazy....the insults go on and on. 

How the hell does she get I'm lazy? I work a full time job, come home, clean, do laundry, cook dinner, I go to EVERY school function for 4 kids. (As long as I'm not at work) But I'm fucking lazy?

Yes I'm fat. So what? You're not a size 4 anymore and you haven't been for 30 years! I've accepted what I look like. And Chief loves me for who I am. All you do is sit on your ass all day watching tv of fucking off on the computer. 

I was so angry I couldn't get Midget's costume on right. It took me 3 tries. I got her redressed hugged the Boy and left fuming. 

I don't understand her reasoning. 

You were mentally abusive to me, Froggy, and Tattoo all our lives....YOU WILL NOT FUCK WITH MY KIDS' SELF IMAGES!

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  1. Have I told you lately that, one, I love you, and two, your mom is fabulously cunttastic? Both have never been truer.