Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hello Dearies....

Today I'm changing things up a little. Normally I tell you about all the good, the bad and the crappy things that go on in my life. This time I want to tell you about some changes Chief and I are making.

I've been trying to make our Hut non-toxic. This isn't an easy task. Everything (and I mean everything) you buy is toxic. The shampoo you washed your hair with this morning? It has carcinogens in it. The soap you washed your body with? Carcinogens. 

You want to use the best when you wash your baby's hair. So you go and shell out top dollar for "THE" baby shampoo. Guess what it has in it? Formaldehyde! Are you freaking kidding me! 

The list goes on and on. Earlier this year I purchased all the stuff to start making some of our products myself. If I know what's in it then I can limit and the nasty crap we're putting in/on our bodies. 

Chief has been depressed lately because of all the hours I work. Hours I work that he can't.
He was talking to a friend of his (GI Jane) who recently started posting on Facebook about a "work from home" business. Chief was interested, so I told him to check it out.

I'm so proud of all the research that Chief did before he signed up. 

I had heard of the company before, but never cared enough to check them out. I'm kicking myself now!

Chief has been taking a multi-vitamin called Vitality 4 for a month now. We both now swear by these vitamins! 

Last week for the first time in the 4+ years I've known him, his doctor did NOT cut on his foot! Doc said whatever Chief was doing keep it up. The only difference in his life were these vitamins. Read his take on the doctor visit here.

Today the Fedex lady dropped off our "Value pack". This pack is supposed to help convert your house to non-toxic. As I've said before, I make a lot of our hygienic and cleaning products. Getting my cleaners away from me would be a real challenge. I agreed to try the new stuff after much wailing teeth gnashing. What? I'm not stubborn at all!

When I got home from work, there was a huge box on my bed. I started rummaging through it. I can only describe it as overwhelming! There were boxes of this and bottles of that. One of the first boxes I pulled out was the Vitality 4. 

The next thing was a small bottle that was labeled Tub n Tile. I dig around until I find the matching spray bottle. That's right, they sent bottles to mix your cleaner in. Did I mention that these products are NOT diluted with water? So I go mix up my shiny new bottle of Tub N Tile and head to the bathroom of doom.

I sprayed down the bathtub. The first thing I noticed was I could still breath. Most spray cleaners choke me up. While it still smelled like a cleaner (I was a little disappointed) the scent wasn't overpowering. I waited for a few minutes like the bottle said (yeah right, I grabbed the rag as soon as I sprayed the tub) and started wiping down my tub. The light grey tiles turned white! Wait! What? My tub is white? All this time I thought it was an ugly pale grey. Even the rusty spots (from hard water) in the grout turned white. I was impressed enough to call Chief in. 

I've now given up my vinegar mix for cleaning my tub! This stuff works great! 

Another plus? I never use gloves while cleaning at home. (I wear them enough at work.) One of the main reasons I switched to homemade cleaners is because most things eat through my skin. After wiping down the tub, I noticed that my hands and arms weren't burning. This is a BIG plus in my book. Even vinegar burned my skin when I used it to clean.

I used the Prespot on my bathroom rugs. With Chief having the ulcers on his feet, I'm in a constant state of cleaning up blood spots. The worst of them were on my bathroom rugs. (on the white part of course) I sprayed down the white parts with Prespot and gave them a little scrub with a brush. Now I'm lazy when it comes to housework. (Most evenings I can barely stand up I hurt so bad.) So when I say a "little" scrub, there was hardly any effort put into this. I threw my rugs in the wash and forgot them over night. When I pulled them out I was amazed! The white parts were white, and blood free.

I'm not going to ramble on and on about how I used several of the new products and the results I got from each....yet. 

Most of all I love the fact that, I'm now well on my way to making my house non-toxic.

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