Sunday, February 17, 2013

When you're ugly....

Hello Dearies....

When I got my taxes in, I ordered a bunch of the stuff for the wedding. I also ordered a portable washer and dryer. I'm tired of walking down the steps, around the building and down more steps to do laundry. I haven't been doing as much laundry as I should.

The UPS lady is PISSED at me. The washer, dryer and 2 other heavy boxes came in the same day. Chief had to go downstairs and help her bring up the dryer.

When I got home from work, I set them both up. I was very excited. No more trips up and down the steps.

One of the boxes that came in was the candle making kit I ordered. I got to try it out last night and made candles for Chatty. (yesterday was her 18th birthday) 

I was also able to go get Chief his glasses and my contacts.

Out of everything I ordered, the best was our wedding rings! I ordered Tungsten rings. I'm too hard on gold rings. I've bent my engagement ring.

Today was my day off. I've done well over a dozen loads of laundry. (Told you I haven't been doing it as often as I should) I washed our big blanket in the washer I was renting, because it won't fit in the tiny little new one. That washer will go back tomorrow.

I have to have a window cracked to use the dryer. If not then the humidity level gets crazy. 

Me running in and out of the Hut caused another problem. Insane Neighbor is drunk and being a dick. He's been slamming his door and banging on the wall. 

He came out his door and mouthed something earlier. This last time I went out I was smart. I took the phone with me. As I walked by, he came out the door and started to yell at me....again. 

When I call him insane, I'm not being dramatic. The man has stolen my chair, broke into my storage unit (to put the chair in it), screamed at me for the kids leaving for school so early in the morning, and the best yet....he yelled at me one day about Chief using a cane to walk. Really? Are you fucking kidding me? You're bitching about a man who has to use a cane?

On my last trip outside I was prepared. I took the house phone with me. When I got to the steps he came outside and started yelling. I loudly informed him that I had dialed 91 and if he cussed at me I would dial the last 1 and report him for harassment. Then the idiot followed me down the stairs. I used my cell to call Chief and tell him what was going on. On my way upstairs Insane Neighbor came out of another apartment, pointed at me and started to say something. I told him to leave me alone and came inside. 

Right now he's randomly slamming his door and banging on the wall. (sigh)

I'll give him a few more minutes before I have to go to bed.

If you can't handle the noise of someone walking then you really shouldn't be living in an apartment complex. 

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