Friday, February 1, 2013

Why children and puppies are cute....

Good evening Dearies....

I'm very much an animal person. When I met Mace, I was well on my way of becoming an animal hoarder. I had cats, dogs, ferrets, rats, birds, a snake and a scorpion. Yeah, yeah I know. Way too damn many animals. I did take care of and play with all my animals. Ok, not the scorpion so much, but he was well fed.

Ever since I've been on my own, I've had a dog. It didn't feel right not having a dog. Living in a small apartment limited the size and breed of dog we could have. The cats haven't been a problem here. They're happy. But, I wanted a dog....a very small dog.

I hate puppies. Oh, they're cute and fun. I just don't have the patience to train one, or deal with the chewing on EVERYTHING! 

I found the perfect dog a couple of weeks ago. I small Dachshund named Tink. She's very small, fixed, and best of all.....she's 2 years old.

Once I saved up the money, I called Tink's owner. Tink was delivered yesterday while I was at work. Isn't she adorable? Tink is very sweet for the most part. She hasn't gotten the concept of letting the kids touch me when she's in my lap. She gets along with the cats for the most part. It took getting her ass whooped by Scarface.

Yesterday was very eventful. I ended up having a short day at work due to the fight between Tink and Scarface. I came home and bonded with my newest "baby". The Boy and Chatty came over for a while. The Boy and I split pizza costs for dinner. I spent my dinner fighting off a very excited dog.

After dinner I told Midget to go downstairs and get the basket of towels so she could take her shower. 

After her shower, I noticed it was getting chilly in here. I turned up the heat....nothing. I turned it up a little more....nothing. I turned the damn thing up as high as it'd go....nothing. WTF? The furnace wouldn't kick on.

Mace said he'd call the landlady today. So we snuggled under a mountain of blankets. By this morning I was freezing! It was 55 in here. I took my shower and got the kids up for school.

I went downstairs to check out the furnace. I read the directions.... they were no help. There's a switch on the side. I flicked it up and down....nothing. Read a little more. Flicked the switch up and down again. I heard a click! I flicked the switch up again and....WOOT the furnace came to life. I came back upstairs to a VERY happy Mace.

My darling little angel Midget and flipped the switch off last night when she was getting the towels.

See Dearies....this is why puppies and children are born so we don't eat them!  

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