Monday, February 18, 2013

Why you mad bro?

Hello Dearies....

I just got back from the courthouse. I went to put a restraining order against Drunken Neighbor. Guess what's not open on President's day?

To make this trip, I had to make a call I DID NOT want to make. I called the female Parental Figure and asked for a ride.

I rarely ask the Parental Figures for anything. I talk to them once a week on Saturday to make sure they are picking up the Fruitians for church. I do call now and then to ask about the male Parental Figure. Those of you who know my family, know he's in poor health. Normally when I DO call, I call his number.

For a former phone operator the female Parental Figure has horrid phone skills. She has worse people skills.

For almost 5 years now the female Parental Figure has been bitching at me about "living in sin". There was over 6 years of the same crap when I was living with Fatass. So I assumed that she'd be happy about me and Chief getting married....wrong. No emotion at all. No congrats, no I'm happy for you not even an 'about damn time'. Nothing. When I told her I was getting married, there was nothing. She didn't say a word. She just sat there with the phone to her ear.

I honestly don't understand. Both Parental Figures like Chief.

Today when I told her about some of the plans, but again there wasn't much. All she asked was if you could buy red velvet cake mix.

I know I shouldn't be surprised. This is the same woman I grew up with. But it still hurt my feelings. MiL is super excited. Her and I talk about the plans all the time. But nothing, not one emotion from my female Parental Figure.

And people wonder why Chief calls me "The only living heart donor"

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