Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy birthday baby girl....

Hello Dearies....

Today has been a bittersweet day for me.

It's Midget's birthday! I can't believe my baby girl is 11! Yesterday she told me she's an adult. My response? Get a job!

I was in such a bad place when I found out I was pregnant with Midget. I had just taken my 2 sons and left my husband. It was the right move, but I did it wrong. I moved from Deadbeat's house in with Fatass. Looking back at the hell I put my kids through with that man makes me want to cry.

I didn't have my head on right when I found out I was pregnant. I begged Fatass to take me to the clinic so I could get rid of the baby. I had my 2 boys, I didn't want anymore kids. The only thing Fatass ever did right in his lifetime was to tell me no. I know it was harsh. I know it would have been the biggest mistake of my life. I know some of you will judge me. 

Since I was due on Christmas eve, the doctor asked if I wanted to have her early. With 2 small boys at home, I didn't want to be in the hospital on Christmas. There's no way I would have left them alone with Fatass's family on Christmas. Those people were and still are horrible people.  

So I called the Parental Figures and asked them to take me to the hospital. 

I got the date wrong! I went it at midnight on the 20th. I was supposed to be there at midnight on the 21st!

Since I was close enough to labor (I wouldn't have made it to the 21st) they took me in. A little over 9 hours later I held the most beautiful baby girl in my arms.

She is my saving grace. She is my angel. I sit here crying thinking I almost threw way the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. 

Today I was able to help 2 families in need.

I signed up for a gift card exchange. You can read a little about it here. I was given the name of a mom in AZ. I searched her name on Facebook. She has 4 beautiful little girls (one a newborn) and a very handsome little guy. I wasn't able to help much. But I gave what I could. The Boy also bought a gift card to send to her. He's such an awesome kid!

Last week a Facebook friend  posted that he had been screwed over by a "friend". Since I can't/won't call him by the name everyone knows him by, I will call him Inkie. I was heartbroken when I heard Inkie couldn't buy presents his youngest son. 

I had an idea brewing. I kinda kept it a secret from Chief. When I bought the money order for the exchange, I bought a 2nd one too. Tonight I stopped by Inkie's business and took the card in. I handed the card to the girl that greeted me and ran out.

Believe it or not, but Madwoman is painfully shy. I hate meeting new people, and I hate being in a crowd. Crowds can throw me into a panic attack. One on one meeting makes me fumble over my words and I end up looking like a complete fool.

I called Chief while on break today. I had given in a couple of weeks ago and agreed to let the Wicked Witch take Midget tonight for her birthday. I told Midget and it's all I've heard for 2 weeks. That and the constant chatter about her birthday. 

The Wicked Witch had called and cancelled on Midget! Fuck fuck fucktty fuck! I had planned around this. We're going to MiL's tomorrow. Sharky is making the cake....tomorrow. What the hell am I supposed to do now?

The Boy to the rescue again. Chatty and the Boy took Midget and I to Wal Hell to let her shop for her birthday gifts. Then they took us to the Mexican restaurant. The guys there brought out a sombrero and dessert for Midget. They sang "Happy birthday" to her and rubbed whipped cream on her face. (I wouldn't let them shove a pie in her face.) Midget was so tickled getting all the special treatment.  

Have I mentioned how proud I am of the Boy? He's such a great kid and so giving. Damn I did something right there!

Good night Dearies, it's time to go play Santa and wrap, wrap, wrap....

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