Thursday, January 3, 2013

Restoring my faith in humanity....

Hello Dearies....

Yesterday was a short work day, but a long day no less. I got stuck out in the dining room as the BKB (Burger King bitch). We were so slow the Ass sent me home 2 hours early. Normally I'd throw a fit but I knew I'd make the hours up today. 

While in the dining room I heard this story. I looked at the State Trooper sitting close to me and simply said "I don't want to live here anymore". He quickly agreed. What the hell has this world come to where virginity is a commodity to be sold online to a complete stranger! Why isn't the government stepping in to help this girl? UGH!

My faith in humanity was totally shaken until I got to Wal Hell with MiL.  Mil parked next to a long train of carts. I turned to look for the guys bringing them in and saw something that restored a little of my faith. 

In the lane behind us, the boy that was supposed to be taking in the carts was helping a woman lift her husband out of their car into his wheelchair. As I got out of the truck the boy rushed up to the carts and apologized. I had tears in my eyes when I told him "That was awesome". 

I smiled and walked into Wal Hell with a plan. I stopped 2 employees and asked if they knew his name. I was directed to a CSM. Again I had tears when I told her what I had seen. That boy didn't HAVE to help that woman. It is not part of his job description. That was going above and beyond. As I was leaving I learned the young man's name. You won't see me do this very often, but.....his name is Zack. Anyone going into my local Wal Hell, look for this boy and bless him. He is a gem.

The Hobbit turned the tears on yesterday and I offered to cover part of her shift today while she got something personal worked out.

I found out that Stripper and his woman Liner were getting fired. Seems Liner clocked in Stripper when he wasn't there. How stupid can you be? They have a 2 year old son, a baby on the way and a brand new car. Now neither one of them has a job. I do feel sorry for them, but they made that bed. 

Maybe I can snag a few more hours to make up for New Years.

In other news, Chief had a doctors appointment today. It's been a month since he went last, and he did a real number on the foot over Christmas. Doc, wasn't very nice today and cut a fair amount.  Good news....the office will be rearranging the pictures in the lobby that are out of order.

My insane neighbor struck again today. He started yelling at me as I left for work about the kids walking past his door on the way to the bus. Today just wasn't a good day to yell at me. I asked him if I should call the schools and tell them they have to come pick up my kids later because my neighbor didn't like them getting up that early. So he starts bitching about Chief walking with his cane. Really? Are you fucking kidding me? You're bitching about a man walking with a cane when he NEEDS it? I told the idiot that if he didn't like the noise then he shouldn't be living in an apartment complex. 

Chief and I talked about this. With this man confronting me and cussing me all the time, I can call the cops and get him for harassment. I've had it with him thinking he can yell and scream at me and bang on the walls when he's not happy. Screw that shit! Not this girl buddy.

I do have to brag on the crotchfruitians before I go. I've been paying them to do their chores. (hey it works) Today Bird took out the trash, ran down the laundry and cleaned his room. I was pretty impressed. He now has enough money to buy the Poke'mon cards he wants. It took her longer but Midget got the dishes washed and dried.

Oh and speaking about Midget, tomorrow I will be having a talk to her bus driver first thing in the morning. Midget hadn't gotten off the bus by the time Bird reached the door. I was a little worried, it wouldn't have been the first time she decided to stay at school. I watched as she got off the bus. 

Why was my daughter's arm out of her shirt? Midget came in and told me that a little boy on the bus had tried to pull her shirt off. I'm pretty sure my blood pressure skyrocketed right then. After I got the story from her I called the school and asked to talk to whomever was in charge of the buses. I got his voicemail, and I'm still waiting for his call. I'll be meeting the bus driver in the morning. I doubt she'll like what I have to say. Thank goodness I make Midget layer her shirts and had a turtleneck on her today. 

I do not know this little boy. His cousin is the little girl from downstairs that tends to be mean to Midget. I will find out who he is, where he lives, and I WILL be talking to his parents.

Oh, and mister I'm in charge of the buses....we'll talk tomorrow.

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