Thursday, June 28, 2012

All work no play....

Hello from Burger King my Dearies....

So, I'm sitting here at work with Doughboy. Things are slow and I'm ahead on everything (I think). I agreed to work overnights to help out the Ass. Today was his birthday. I really hate nights, I never sleep during the day. The Boy woke me up around 11am, and I've been up ever since. Thank goodness for energy drinks!

Doughboy has spent the past hour and half either talking or sitting in the office. If he thinks I'm going to do everything tonight he is dead ass wrong.

I wasn't upset that the Boy woke me up. It's always nice when he comes over. He annoys me by trying to take over everything. If I go down to do laundry he grabs the baskets from me, same with bags from the store. He's very sweet to help, but I'm far from helpless!

Chief is feeling a little bit better from his fall. He's able to get up without help. Poor guy, I know he's in pain.

Midget dicided to play in the tub....again! She used almost half of a brand new bar of soap. I warned her what would happen if she did, but she never listens to me. So tomorrow after school, she's scrubbing the tub. That works for me, I bought some of those non-slip stickers for the tub today. It has to be clean before I apply them.

Bird was pretty good tonight, he stayed in his room playing PlayStation all evening. I could hear him in there humming and rocking.

I guess I had best go ask Doughboy what all I'm supposed to be doing and get everything done, then I can blog without feeling so guilty for sitting on my ass at work.

3am....someone shoot me!

So far Doughboy have managed to do an hour worth of work. I'm still ahead on my work. How did such a lazy man get to be manager?

So now I'm home and beat! I hate working over nights. The Ass came in early to do scheduling. He offered to let me off on the 4th if I'd work overnights on the 3rd. Great! The 4th is Squealers birthday. Maybe we'll be able to celebrate with her.

Work got crazy toward the end. I couldn't keep up and got behind. I stayed an extra half an hour to make sure dayshift was set. Now I'm home and going to bed...

Holy hell! It's a tiny apartment you DO NOT need to knock on the door like the cops. Fedex dropped off my new camera charger. He made me sit straight up in bed when he beat on the damn door. Chief and I got about 3-4 hours of sleep.(He stayed up all night so he could sleep with me today) I've been up less then an hour and I'm ready to go back to bed....

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