Friday, June 22, 2012

Experimenting gone very very wrong!

Hello Dearies, Madwoman here to tell you about my day....

So today was my day off. Yay me right? Wrong! There was laundry to get done (guess what I forgot after 2 loads?) dishes still need done, and the floors needed cleaning. I did vacuum the kids' rooms. Yay I accomplished something. Then I got bored....

I had agreed to watch Coupon Lady's kids. They aren't BAD kids, but they are kids. Mixing my kids with any other kids just makes for mayhem. Then you mix in the tiny terrorist terrier, 3 cats with very bad manners, the Chief and me (bored).
The 4 kids were finally playing fairly quietly. (I had threatened naps the next time they started screaming) They get along great despite (or because of) the age difference. My crotch fruit are 10 and 12. The visiting fruit were 3 and 4.
So I Facebooked for a while (boring) then I web-surfed (boring), looked for something to watch on Netflix (boring). Great now what? During my surfing I found a cute page from Martha Stewart that I had bookmarked. Bath bombs....hmmmm. Not so boring. I rummaged through my kitchen for the supplies. Great I have everything. So I sit at the table and start poking around experimenting. (not so boring) I mix everything like Martha says to. I start spraying the mixture with colored Witch Hazel. (fun) I spray and mix, mix and spray and get the crap to look like I think it should and start shoving it into my moulds. Well, did you know that bath bombs are NOT supposed to puff up in the molds. CRAP! So after the first disaster I move on to the next batch. My house starts smelling like heaven. I'm in bliss....(not bored).
I am so lucky the Chief doesn't complain when I'm experimenting. I am good to clean up after myself. Sometimes my experimenting turns out. I have box after box of soap, lotion bars and lip balm to prove it. But this time it was a big fat FAIL! Batch 2 won't come out of the moulds. Fuck fuck fucktty fuck! So now I have 3 containers of great smelling bath bomb powder. WTF? So, thank you Martha for the cute page but I have to say....Fuck Martha Stewart! My house smells great, but my kitchen looks like a cokehead sneezed. My left hand is a pretty shade of pink/purple raspberry. My nose is burning from the powder. And I, my Dearies, I'm going to go take a bath with my failed bath bomb powder and go to the store. (bored again)

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