Thursday, June 21, 2012

Honey I'm home....

Hello Dearies! Madwoman here.

So it's been a while since I've blogged, a long while. So much has gone on and The Chief introduced me to Blogger, so I thought I'd give it a poke or 2.

I wrote this out earlier at work....So right now I'm sitting at Burger Hell writing this. Yes I'm writing with pen and paper. WTF? This shit sucks!!

The Ass came into work early today. My day was going so good before that. So far all he's said to me was go on break. Unfortunately I know he'll be bitching soon enough. This morning started out good. We had a good crew including Lil' Bit, Beanpole, Popper and Breadboy. (he's such a sweetie) We were so busy too. I couldn't keep up with the eggs. Beanpole was making the sandwiches while I made the other stuff.

Ok, so let's update a little bit about The Tribe....

The Chief has been in the hospital twice the past year. I'm so worried he's going to lose his foot. They removed 2 infected bones last July. He's been complaining he's a "house dad" now. I've been working days so he gets the kids on and off the bus (yay summer school) and does the dishes. I still won't let him anywhere near the laundry. Chief and I have been together over 4 years now. Sometimes it feels like he's always been there. I love him more now then I ever have. He's so good to me.

The Bird made Honor Roll this past year. He's damn near as tall as I am. That boy is as smart as a whip. I love his sense of humor! He cracks me up daily.

What can I say about The Midget? She's such a mess and so much like her mother. She makes me shake my head and laugh. I swear she's part mermaid. That kid could spend hours in the tub.

The Boy graduated! I'm so proud of him. After all we've been through I didn't think I'd ever see him walk he stage. He's still living with the Others. They're in Branson checking out the college there. Fingers crossed he gets in!

The Squealer will be 15 in a week or so. I can't believe what a young woman she's growing up to be. I'm still not sure where all the parenting lines are with her yet, so I just keep my mouth shut most days. Oh....did I mention that not only is she growing taller, she's growing body parts that make the Chief squirm? Teehee

Well my hand is numb....again and the Ass is giving me dirty looks. I guess break is over.

So I did remember to type up what I had written at work. The Ass was in a pretty good mood and didn't give me too hard of a time today. He did try to set me up so he could yell at me. I just batted my eyes and smiled at him. I really do have a good time working with Breadboy in the kitchen. The Ass even came back and helped us a little. My stupid ass grabbed a 10-12lb fry basket and flipped it over into the bin with my right hand. I damn near pissed myself when the pain shot up my arm. Seems the Madwoman has Carpal Tunnel in both wrists. I had been wrapping them at night, but the pain had left....until today. Fuck fuck fucktty fuck!

I brought the Chief a snack. He was in a pretty good mood. He was in an even better mood when he remember I was off tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow are running the vacuum and steam cleaning the hallway. Oh hell (/facepalm) I forgot to tell you we moved. We're living in a small 2 bedroom apartment in Warrenton. I'm totally in love with our new place! I have pictures of the crotch fruit on the walls, and plans on making plaques with their pictures tomorrow. It's so nice being this close to the MIL, Squealer and my parents. I'm no more then 2-3 blocks from my parents and can drop in and check up on Pops. His health hasn't been the greatest. Ma has been such a trooper taking care of him. The MIL lives about 4 miles from us. She's awesome and picks me up from work so I don't have to walk in this heat. She runs me around town anytime I need something. How did I get this lucky? Hell I think after the MILs in the past I deserve this one!

I guess if I keep hiding down here in the laundry room the Chief is gonna get cranky and come looking for me. It's also coming up on dinner time and when the crotch fruit get hungry all hell breaks loose!

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