Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crash! Bang! OW!

Hello Dearies, it's been a pretty interesting morning....

The Chief wasn't feeling very good when we went to bed last night. He got up around 4:30 this morning sick, and decided to take a shower. I dozed back off after he got out of bed. At my age getting every last second of sleep that you can is important!

So there I am sleeping peacefully when I hear "CRASH! BANG! OW!" I jump up out of bed and run for the bathroom. I ran face first into the baby gates we use to keep the Terrorist from peeing in the hallway. I had a moment of panic when I couldn't find the lever to take down the gate. I realized that Chief had put it up backwards. So I throw the top gate out of the way and rush in the bathroom. I threw back the shower curtain, and had a second of confusion when Chief wasn't on his shower stool. I look at him on the floor of the shower, and he grins up at me and waves. He's smiling and I'm freaking thinking he's busted his head open. He's lucky I didn't pee myself right there. I helped (what little he'd let me) and got him out of the tub and back into bed. My poor Chief, had been reaching for the soap and his feet had slipped out from under him. Remember my last blog, when I told you Midget had a thing about playing in the soap and shampoo? Well, guess who was the last one in the tub last night? The tub floor is as slick as snot.

Chief posted a blog on his view of the now infamous shower scene....http://allthegoodaddessesaretaken.blogspot.com/2012/06/attack-of-50-everything.html?spref=fb
I had about 10 minutes before the alarm went off, so we laid back down. I got back up at 5:30 and started the morning routine. Get up, walk 3 steps, plop down in my chair and load up Facebook. After a while I woke up enough to go grumble at the crotch-fruit to get up and get ready. By this time I had forgotten about Chief falling in the tub and damn near busted my own ass when I took my shower.

I got to work and asked the new guy (still no cool blog name) if he'd trade hours if Bosslady was ok with it. I really do love my job. New Guy was more then ok with working my hours and Bosslady didn't have any problem with me going home early. After coming home early the other day this is going to sting come payday, but I was able to bring Chief some much needed food and be here if he needed anything.

I got home and fed Chief and called around to get a heating pad before I dozed off at my computer. Chief felt sorry for me and let me lay down after promising to wake me up if he needed me. I dozed off a little bit before the Boy called and came by with a heating pad. Chief is now sitting in his huge comfy chair with the heating pad on his back and playing ToR. The Boy is looking at me with hopeful eyes wanting to get on my laptop. And I, my Dearies, I need to go downstairs and wash some of the stink from my uniform....

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