Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's "normal" got to do with the price of tea in a clean bath tub

Good evening Dearies....

So my last blog reflected my sleep deprived mind shutting down. I was so tired through that whole blog. I'm still tired, but a little more awake now.

I was Facebooking when I ran into another Autism page. Those of you who know the Tribe, know that Bird is Autistic. We are huge supporters for anything to do with Autism. My next tattoo is going to start with the Autism Speaks puzzle piece logo. Seeing that page reminded me....

A few days ago Breadboy and I were talking and he asked me if I wished that Bird was "normal". Coming from some people I would have been offened. Breadboy didn't mean any harm. I asked him to explain what normal was. He couldn't. I explained that to me Bird was normal. He wouldn't be Bird if he was any different or "normal". I do wish Bird had an easier time, but he's so special and I love him so much....just the way he is.

I saw this picture from Four Sea Stars....( You can read her blog here)

I tried reading the poem to Chief and started crying. That's what I am, I am an Autism Strong Mom! So be prepared to hear a lot of Autism blogs from me.

Midget was served her punishment tonight for using half of a bar of soap last night. She scrubbed the tub. Before anyone freaks out about harmfull chemicals and kids, I don't use them and I wouldn't let me child near that crap. I mixed up a very safe cleaner for her. It's vinegar, hot water and Dawn dish soap (see safe). She could have drank the whole bottle and all she would have gotten was a clean mouth and maybe the poops. So I hand Midget a rag, a scrub brush, the bottle of cleaner, some baking soda and I set her loose on the soap scum. I figured with Chief and the Boy being here I was pretty safe to lay down and try to catch up on some sleep. (See the last blog on why I needed sleep here) She came out in 5 minutes and declared "Done". Oh no you're not, get in there! So I get up and go check. She'd gotten the bottom of the tub, but not the sides. So I gave her more baking soda and a few tips and laid back down. About a half an hour later I sent the Boy in to check on her. She missed the whole lesson. It was totally lost on her. She had cleaned the tub (and it looked good) but for some reason Midget decided that my foam paint brushes would help. (sigh) I sent her to her room until dinner. We'll discuss her next step tomorrow when I've had time to think (read plot) on what to do with her.

There will be no more slipping in our tub. Midget could pour a whole bottle of shampoo on the tub floor and no one would slip. I bought tub stickies yesterday and put them down after the tub dried. I'm pretty proud of the design.

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