Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hardheaded Birds, parades and sun screen

Hello Dearies....

It's been a long few days since I posted last. Work has been busy. The Orginal chicken sandwiches are on sale. I swear we sold almost 1,000 yesterday and pretty damn close to that today. Thank goodness it was only for 2 days. The Ass has been in a pretty ok mood the past 2 days. He got ignorant with me yesterday until I said I was going to shove a chicken sandwhich up his ass sideways. Bosslady thought that was pretty funny. Today he started to snap at me when I asked for help, until he saw just how busy I was. He was cool enough to schedule me off early today, so I could see Squealer in the parade.

MIL picked me up after work today. She had dropped Squealer off at where ever it was she was supposed to be for the parade.  *MIL says Squealer was at her mom's. So she came in town early just to pick me up. Too cool!* The crotch fruit came in from church right after I got home. Seems my parents got another taste of what it's like to be me. Bird was being his normal little shit-self. He was tormenting Midget, and when told to stop he threw himself on the ground. The Boy had to carry him outside and have a talk with him. I was giggling through the whole story. These antics of his are nothing new to me. He's a hardheaded little snot and I know it. Mom, the poor woman has no idea to handle him. It's not that Bird is giving them a hard time, he's HAVING a hard time. It comes with being part of Bird's life. There is normally a reason he throws a fit. Today may have been because of the heat or he was overly tired.

We went to the Warrenton parade tonight. Damn it was hot as hell! I made a quick dash in Dollar Tree to buy sun screen. (guess who forgot to put it on herself?) That crap smells like fruity ass. It didn't take long for the Bird to take his shirt off. Both of the little fruit looked like I had painted their faces red. We only watched about half of the parade before they were done. I still have a shit-ton of candy here now. After the parade we picked up Squealer's older brother and went hunting for her. Poor baby had walked through the entire parade playing her sax. She was too tired and too hot. We took her to her mother's and I told her to get a drink and take a cool shower. I came home and crashed on the bed for awhile. Between working in the heat and standing at the parade I was beat.

Bosslady gave me great news today. The Boy will be getting a call from her in a few days. My baby boy will be getting his first job! I think I'm more excited then he is. I'm so proud of the Boy. He's going to be a hard worker....or mom will kick his ass!

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