Monday, July 9, 2012

The fall heard 'round Burger Hell....

Evening Dearies....

Ow, Ow, Ow, fucking OW!! Who thought one fall could jar and twist so many things? Saturday when I was leaving work, I slipped and fell in the dining room.  (Stripper had just mopped) Now this couldn't be one of those times when the dining room was empty. Oh hell no. There were 10 customers there to see my misery. As soon as I hit the ground I jumped up to see how many people saw my folly. A shit ton of people of course. I landed right next to a table full of people. The women there jumped up and came to my "rescue" The first thing that happens to a woman when she gets hurt is she tries not to cry. If someone is there asking her if she's ok, she's going to cry her fool head off. To my credit I did not. ha! I did turn to look and make sure no one I worked with saw me. I thought I had been saved that embarrassment. (I was wrong) I explained to the women checking on me that my shoes were greasy from working in the kitchen and I was fine. I'll be damned if I let them see my ass limp! I sat down pulled out my book and pretended nothing happened. When I fell I landed on my right knee (hard). I caught myself with my right hand, which jammed my wrist and shoulder. I twisted my right ankle and jarred my back. fuck fuck fucktty fuck! Who else could have pulled that off? Only this girl. I earned a large pretty black bruise for my efforts.

Today I was teasing Stripper about the mess he made on the floor cleaning fryers, and he admitted he had seen me fall. He was scared I'd be mad at him for seeing me and because he had been the one mopping. I gave he all kinds of hell for not coming and checking on me. tee hee

Bosslady gave me some great news today. Seems the Boy finally got a job. He goes in tomorrow at 10 for the paperwork. I'm way more excited then he is. He's been a total doll the past 2 days since my fall. He's done everything he possibly could to help me. I do feel sorry for him working with me at Burger Hell. For one he'll have to work with the Ass. And of course he's going to try to keep up with me. I'm going to work circles around that kid.

Chief is feeling better from his fall, but now has a cold. Guess what he shared with me?

There's not much more I hate then a summer cold. (Other then falling on my ass in public.) They are the total worst! Oh, and Aunt Flow had to show her nasty, vengeful ass tonight. Fuck fuck fucktty fuck you Aunt Flow!

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