Sunday, July 22, 2012

Even wet hens don't get this mad....

The Boy came home with me after work. I asked him to walk the terrorist before he went home. Pretty normal in our house. The kids walk the dog when they're home. No biggie....until tonight.

We have 2 neighbors that refuse to put leashes on their pit bulls. While the Boy was walking Sammy the 2 pits came running toward them. Sammy, being the little coward he is hid behind the Boy. Not that I really blame Sammy, I would have hid from them too. The Boy put himself between Sammy and the pits. Sammy freaked and pulled out of his collar and ran. Both dogs started chasing him growling. The Boy finally got ahold of Sammy and brought him home.

After the Boy brought Sammy home and left, I started thinking about what he said....and I got pissed! My youngest kids walk Sammy. My kids play outside. What happens if Bird or Midget are walking Sammy when those dogs are loose? What if they're playing outside and fall down? Would the natural prey instinct kick in with these dogs? Would they attack my kids to get to my dog?

I did something I normally don't do. I called the cops.

Don't get me wrong here. I didn't freak out and call the cops because they were pit bulls. I love pitties and would own one if I had a bigger place. I think they are beautiful animals. But ALL animals have the prey instinct. If you live in town where there are other people and kids around you do not let your big dog (or any dog) run loose. It's just asking for trouble.

Poor Chief has had to listen to me freak out for an hour now.

These people need to either grow a fucking brain and leash their dogs or get rid of them, if they can't be responsible.

I'm not the first person to call the cops because the same 2 dogs have attacked other dogs. If these people don't start leashing their dogs, one day the cops are going to get tired of being called and take the dogs. I'd really hate to see these 2 beautiful animals put down because their owners are idiots.

I'm going to have a long hard talk with the Boy for putting himself between the 3 dogs.

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