Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When life gives you lemons, keep them, free shit is cool.

Good evening Dearies....

This has been one of those weeks. Life seems to be trying to knock me down.

 I have 2 hours before I have to be at work. Yes, the Ass put me on nights again. We had a pretty big blow up earlier this week over him scheduling me 2 overnights in a row. I almost got out of both of them, but Bosslady called (and woke me up) asking if I could trade back tonight.  Fuck, fuck, fucktty, fuck, fuck! Geek boy (formerly New Guy) was going to work for me tonight and me for him on Friday. I was going to have 2 days off in a row. Now I'm back to only having 1 day off this week....tomorrow.

Good news is I got caught up on some of my sleep. I spent all last week not sleeping more then 3-5 hours a night. The animals are assholes at night making all kinds of noise, Chief has been sick, and me working nights really fucks up both of our sleep schedules.

Chief had a Dr appointment last Friday. Finally we got some good news from the Dr. Chief's left foot is looking better then it has in a long time. He's going to the city with MiL tomorrow.

Wait! What? Does that mean I get the house to myself for a few hours? Holy hell it does! The crotch blossoms are going to be at camp, the Boy was told if he came over in the morning I'd kill him, and Chief will be with his mom. Hot damn! I haven't had to place to myself in forever. And I'm going to have to spend it sleeping. Fuck, fuck, fucktty, fuck! There's life trying to push me over again.

The Boy started work with me yesterday. He tried to keep up with his ole mom. Tried is the key word here. Poor kid worked less then 4 hours and thought he was going to die. tee hee He did notice that the Ass is harder on me then the guys I work with.

Toward the end of the school year I got a letter from the local disability group. They were having what they call "Camp we can" this summer. I filled out the app and took it back. That was the best move I've made all summer. The crotch blossoms love camp. Yesterday they went to a local "ranch" and today they went to the Magic House. I wanted to go with them today, but with the way my schedule changes, I found out too late that I'd have today off. (There's life pushing again)

Chief gave me news yesterday that really makes me wonder about humanity and life. A couple he is very close to just split up. She found out he was a child molester. I've met said couple, and hearing this really hit me hard. They've been together 10 years, but they were the "perfect' couple. I'm totally blown away by this turn of events. (Fuck you life, stop pushing me)

One of these days my big mouth is going to get me into trouble. I stopped at Burger Hell to get my check today. Mouth was teasing me about having to work tonight. I very loudly stated that working overnights didn't piss me off as much as having to work with Doughboy. I forgot that Idiot was working and his girlfriend. Oops my bad. Idiot just glared at me. Oh well.

Midget, the Boy and I went to Wally World with MiL today. Thanks MiL for helping me look through the vacuums. I would have walked away from them if you hadn't been there. Yes Dearies, Madwoman now has her very own vacuum cleaner! The first brand new vacuum I've ever owned!

Life, I have one thing left to say to you.....fuck, fuck, fucktty, fuck you, I ain't going down easy.

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