Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good, not so clean family entertainment....

Wow! I haven't posted in 6 days. I've been pretty busy working. I was off Thursday, but I spent most of that being lazy.

Camp is over for the crotch blossoms. That means there is still 3 weeks until school starts and nothing to occupy their time. Fuck, fuck, fuckkty, fuck!

We had a record breaking morning at work. Today was the Warrenton all-town yard sale. I was on front line today. Being up front is so much easier on my wrists. They haven't been falling asleep or hurting near as much. Plus it gives me time to flirt with cute little boys. I had a real doll yesterday. I wanted to bring him home with me.

The Boy worked this morning. Poor kid, it was his first day working breakfast, and we were so busy.

I came home from work, did the Facebook thing and crashed for 2 hours. Chief is pretty good about letting me nap when I've had a long day. Plus I got what Bird calls "Birdie nuggles". He must have been pretty tired. He crawled up in bed with me, snuggled up and fell asleep.  Getting up at 4:30am makes for a REALLY long day. Chief also made dinner for us. He's such a sweetie.

Chief has a Dr appointment next Thursday. I'm going with him so I can buy me and the spawn new shoes. The Boy needs slip proof shoes and so do I. My poor shoes are falling apart. I'm hoping to catch a good deal on shoes for the blossoms.

I came out of the bathroom tonight after getting Bird set up for a bath. (Bird bath tee hee) and the Boy asked if the cops were downstairs. Seems Thing 1 and Thing 2 got into a fist fight. I went outside for a smoke (read as "be nosey") and heard the cops coming.

Thing 2's dog (one of the pitties that chased the Boy) was running loose and almost got hit by the cops. He kept chasing their cars. I ran down the stairs yelling that he was friendly. The first set of cops (we ended up with 6 cars) ignored him when I came down. The 2nd cop almost hit him too. He got out of his car with his gun trained on Blue (the pittie). I was yelling at him that the dog was friendly and crying. I just knew he was going to shoot that poor dog for growling at him.Cop 2 was yelling at me to get the dog.

We finally got Blue in his apartment. Thing 1 was handcuffed and put in the car. Thing 2 just blows my mind. As she is being arrested, she tells the cops that the fight was over 3 things. An Ipad, some pills and a one-hitter. Wait what? Did you just admit to the cops you had a one-hitter? How fucking stupid can you be? Which is just what the cop asked her.

So now Thing 1 and Thing 2 are in jail, no slamming doors. The Boy went home. The blossoms are in bed, and all is quiet in Madwomanland. All is well.

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